Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Department is equipped with the most modern instruments and staffed with well trained and highly qualified personnel. All procedures for testing, sampling and inspecting are clearly approved, implemented and documented. All instruments, processes, machinery and premises are calibrated and validated. Through training programs (both in-house and from abroad), the key personnel of the company remain abreast of the latest procedures in Quality Assurance.

During production QA conducts In-Process Control (IPC) activities to ensure quality at the different stages of the manufacturing process. As a part of our statutory and regulatory requirements QA ensures the implementation of WHO cGMP guidelines at the various stages of production, warehousing, product development, engineering and purchasing functions.

The entire manufacturing procedure, starting with the incoming raw materials, through rigorous intermediate manufacturing process and packaging of products, to the dispatching of finished goods, requires that analysts, chemists, pharmacists and instructors monitor and control each step. Even after the release of finished goods, the quality control lab tracks post-distribution spot checks of all batches.